Dear Students,

Most of us are already back to school! I hope you all are having good first days back and also had a long summer full of fun! Right now, it seems like there are decades before school ends but it will go quickly and before you know it, you’ll be back on the beach.

One of the great things about a new school year is you get to start fresh with a clean slate. You probably got new clothes, new school supplies, new teachers, maybe even a new school! Whether you want to do better academically or just want to get through the year you have a clean slate now, so make the most of it.

One of the most important things about school is having fun. Usually, we think of after school as being fun and the weekends and not school but it doesn’t HAVE to be like that. It’s possible that school can be awesome, and fun, and epic. If you don’t have fun in school you won’t be motivated. I don’t necessarily mean having fun during tests and exams but even in class try to have as much fun as possible. Do creative projects and posters for long term projects. Read something you’re passionate about for book reports. Try and beat your friend in a race in PE. Give yourself goals and expectations for yourself so that when you reach them, you’re happy.

Seriously, if you don’t have fun and do things that interest you, you might as well not go to school. Maybe you don’t like math, and that’s fine, but still, look on the bright side and stay positive. Even if you don’t like math, you can still have fun!

Happy Back-To-School!
Have fun,

Miss Tweenster



Hello all!
I’ve been thinking lately about how to create a more successful social media network. Basically, how to be more successful at getting my blog out there and noticed. I realized that the reason why my Instagram account was not successful at all was because it had no theme. I thought about a theme and nothing came to mind. For weeks I couldn’t think of a good theme that could have a larger amount of audience but at the same time a more specific theme.

Finally, I’ve come up with something.


I truly believe in passion and hobbies. Obviously I, personally, am not interested in everything. I dance, play the piano, play sports, speak French, love to write and take photos, cook, and love fashion, and some other things. That doesn’t mean to say I like everything though. Bien sûre. But I honestly think that if you’re into something, you should be doing it. If you love to cook. Get in the kitchen. If you love sports. Get outside and start scoring. If you love music. Embrace it.

This is my theme.

There are 150 million users on Instagram or some staggering amount. Each person has there own interests, passions, hobbies, inspirations. I want them to have a chance to feel special. I want them to feel like there talented. Because they are. We all are. You are. Yes, you.

From now on I’ll feature any talent on my page. Sports, art, photography, blogs, fashion, interior design, cooking, etc.

If you want your hobby to be #misstweensterfeatured just tag me @misstweenster. I will also feature posts I find as well.

Now, I want you to go do what you love to do.

A Little Advice From Jessie on School

A Little Advice From Jessie on School

The sun is still shining, but summer is almost done. The school bell will be ringing again soon. Always, no matter what grade you’re going into, keep these things I’m mind:

• Be positive,
• Stay kind,
• Be organized,
• Don’t stress,
• Keep your head held high,
• And work efficiently!

This is what I think is essential for a great school year! Of course, many different people have different opinions. Comment down below on any school year tips you have!




This week I am doing a 9-5 ballet camp that’s quite advanced! I am very excited to do it with my best friend plus all of the extra sleepovers. I left my old dance school for somewhere new that would care more about my dancing and not just the numbers. This new school is the school I will be having my camp.
Long story short, technically I’m supposed to be in 4 but in my older schools was moved down to 2. The situation is a little more complicated than that but more than anything I want a challenge and Ballet 2 was not sufficient enough to suit this need.
On Monday, I’ll be tested, inspected for which level I should go into this coming school years. Of course, I would love ballet 4 like my best friend but there’s always the possibility of 3.
My mom and I were in the ballet store picking out tights, ballet slippers, pins, hairnets, and most importantly leotards.
Via my best friend I know that ballet 4 is a blue leotard and ballet 3 is salmon.
So what did I choose? I know that it’s more likely I’ll be in 3 than 4 but still I’m confident in my dancing and am willing to be the worst in the class in 4 rather than the best in the class in 2 like at my most recent school.
My mom and I had a long discussion about it and I think that choosing the higher level leotard, as simple as that, could make me feel more confident, seriously.
If I dance in the lower level leotard I don’t look confident.
Confidence doesn’t always start you at the top of the class but is when you are willing to be at the bottom and work you’re way up to the top!



Coming Soon! ( and more )

Coming Soon! ( and more )

If your interested in receiving the latest buzz on you can now do so on the newest Instagram page coming soon! It’ll be a public account with its grand opening this Tween Tip Tuesday with creative and stylish pics of anything “misstweenstery” for everyday of the week! It will be under the account name ” misstweenster”.

Also, be sure to check out the ” misstweenster” Pinterest account for the best of the best on Pinterest!

Hope you all have a Happy Easter! I will be posting again more frequently so make sure to stop by soon for more greatness.


Here’s An Example of Organization

Here’s An Example of Organization

Here’s and example of how to spice up your room and stay organized:

First, I bought jewelry rack for TJMax. I then cut out pictures from magazines, printed out pictures from the internet (tip: use pinterest), took jewelry, and other decorations and simply displayed them on the rack.


If you don’t have a jewelry rack try this:


Hope these fun tips will help you!


Tip to Bedrooms

Tip to Bedrooms

Here are a few tip to making your space comfortable, relaxing, and organized:

– Make sure that you have a lot of floor space (especially when you have a small room), otherwise you feel like you can’t move around freely. Instead of keeping stuff on the floor, keep it on shelves and your closet. Your room will feel much bigger automatically!

-Clutter to clean. A lot of the time the biggest mess can lead to a perfect and organized room. When organizing or doing a redo of your room pull everything out and start fresh.

-Try to go for light colors in your room, the accessories in your room will spice it up. Also make sure that your room is letting in the most amount of light in as possible. A dark room feels dreary and not relaxing.

– Make your room personal, after all, it is your private space. Add photos, display things that mean a lot to you. Make it your own.