J Crew coat

Witchery leather shoes
$88 –

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

Tech accessory

Urban Decay eyeshadow
Put Away Your Shorts and T-Shirts and Get Out Your Brand New Hunters!

Put Away Your Shorts and T-Shirts and Get Out Your Brand New Hunters!

It’s almost fall! Yes, I am excited for school. And yes, I’m dreading it! But let’s not forget the good things too about it.

Let’s start with shoes: Hunter boots.
IMG_2147.PNG IMG_2146.PNG

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I personally love hunter boots. They are sturdy, strong, and fashionable. Last year, I didn’t even need any boots beside my Converse, and red Hunters! They can go with anything especially if you chose a color like black or even red! Of course, if you’re in California you probably won’t be needing rain boots, but they can be worn just as a fashion statement! If you live In New Jersey or New York you probably will need these in a practicable sense!

So, go to Nordstrom’s or online and break out your new boots!



I’m petite for my age so Zara Girl is perfect because it’s European. Even though Shailene Woodley’s least favorite word is “stuff”, they have great stuff!
There clothes are definately a certain style and some of Zara Girls products seem a little bit young you can find very sophisticated clothes that even my mom would wear.
Their prices are cheaper than Nordstrom but more expensive Gap.

Here are a few snapshots of my clothes from Zara!




If You Had $100…

If You Had $100…


I have  a really short post today… It’s a question on fashion. If you reply, I will post your response on my blog.   I might do more posts as short as this and in a question form if you like it, so let me know!

P.S: If you reply you can give an example of what you would buy (one thing or many).

If you had a hundred dollars to buy on “fashion”, would you buy only one, expensive thing, or multiple, cheap things?



Steve Madden

Steve Madden

Here is a collection of Steve Madden shoes and bags for this weeks ‘Saturday Shopping’. Whether you actually but these shoes or not, they are great styles.


Black flats for everyday.

Steve Madden Flats

Brown Troopa Boot for looking stylish.



Steve Madden

Stylish Wallet with interesting colors.



Steve Madden Walet

Black Troopa Boots with a colorful inside.

Steve Madden Boots

Beige Bag for everyday.

Steve Madden Bag (Beige)

Leather bag with interesting layers.

Steve Madden Bag

The Magic of Macy’s

The Magic of Macy’s

Saturday Shopping #2

The Magic of Macy’s I purchased this scarf in Aix-en-Provence, France the last day I was there. I got it because I am crazy about scarfs, I especially love this one because it is a loop, my favorite! I bought some other very cute things as well that I may blog about later.

Anyway, you may be wondering why this post is named ‘The Magic of Macy’s’ (the motto of Macy’s) if I didn’t purchase it at Macy’s. Well, the other day I was shopping with my mom at Macy’s and we left a huge pile of clothes in the dressing room. Of course we looked through the big pile to make sure we had not forgotten anything that was ours. We did not notice my favorite scarf among the pile.

Right before pulling into my driveway I realized I was not wearing it.

There was that one moment in which you are not sure whether you should look if you have it in your bag or wherever or just pretend you are sure it is in the bag.

My scarf was not in the Macy’s bag.

I asked my mom.

She did not have it.

I panicked.

I was very upset after concluding that I was probably never going to see this beautiful scarf again, but I was wrong.

We called Macy’s and after a short while of describing the scarf: cream base color, it is a loop, purple and neon green flowers… Macy’s said that they had it.

I was so grateful, and even more so when I finally had it in my hands at Macy’s.

I hope I don’t lose it again!

Thank you Macy’s!