Hello all!
I’ve been thinking lately about how to create a more successful social media network. Basically, how to be more successful at getting my blog out there and noticed. I realized that the reason why my Instagram account was not successful at all was because it had no theme. I thought about a theme and nothing came to mind. For weeks I couldn’t think of a good theme that could have a larger amount of audience but at the same time a more specific theme.

Finally, I’ve come up with something.


I truly believe in passion and hobbies. Obviously I, personally, am not interested in everything. I dance, play the piano, play sports, speak French, love to write and take photos, cook, and love fashion, and some other things. That doesn’t mean to say I like everything though. Bien sûre. But I honestly think that if you’re into something, you should be doing it. If you love to cook. Get in the kitchen. If you love sports. Get outside and start scoring. If you love music. Embrace it.

This is my theme.

There are 150 million users on Instagram or some staggering amount. Each person has there own interests, passions, hobbies, inspirations. I want them to have a chance to feel special. I want them to feel like there talented. Because they are. We all are. You are. Yes, you.

From now on I’ll feature any talent on my page. Sports, art, photography, blogs, fashion, interior design, cooking, etc.

If you want your hobby to be #misstweensterfeatured just tag me @misstweenster. I will also feature posts I find as well.

Now, I want you to go do what you love to do.


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