Tip to Bedrooms

Tip to Bedrooms

Here are a few tip to making your space comfortable, relaxing, and organized:

– Make sure that you have a lot of floor space (especially when you have a small room), otherwise you feel like you can’t move around freely. Instead of keeping stuff on the floor, keep it on shelves and your closet. Your room will feel much bigger automatically!

-Clutter to clean. A lot of the time the biggest mess can lead to a perfect and organized room. When organizing or doing a redo of your room pull everything out and start fresh.

-Try to go for light colors in your room, the accessories in your room will spice it up. Also make sure that your room is letting in the most amount of light in as possible. A dark room feels dreary and not relaxing.

– Make your room personal, after all, it is your private space. Add photos, display things that mean a lot to you. Make it your own.


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