This week I am doing a 9-5 ballet camp that’s quite advanced! I am very excited to do it with my best friend plus all of the extra sleepovers. I left my old dance school for somewhere new that would care more about my dancing and not just the numbers. This new school is the school I will be having my camp.
Long story short, technically I’m supposed to be in 4 but in my older schools was moved down to 2. The situation is a little more complicated than that but more than anything I want a challenge and Ballet 2 was not sufficient enough to suit this need.
On Monday, I’ll be tested, inspected for which level I should go into this coming school years. Of course, I would love ballet 4 like my best friend but there’s always the possibility of 3.
My mom and I were in the ballet store picking out tights, ballet slippers, pins, hairnets, and most importantly leotards.
Via my best friend I know that ballet 4 is a blue leotard and ballet 3 is salmon.
So what did I choose? I know that it’s more likely I’ll be in 3 than 4 but still I’m confident in my dancing and am willing to be the worst in the class in 4 rather than the best in the class in 2 like at my most recent school.
My mom and I had a long discussion about it and I think that choosing the higher level leotard, as simple as that, could make me feel more confident, seriously.
If I dance in the lower level leotard I don’t look confident.
Confidence doesn’t always start you at the top of the class but is when you are willing to be at the bottom and work you’re way up to the top!




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