The Exhibit- Les carrière de lumières

The Exhibit- Les carrière de lumières

This summer, like every summer, I went to France. I am French and all of my dad’s family lives in Nice, the south of France. I spent ten days at my dad’s aunt and uncle’s and then we heard about an exhibit. An exhibit about lots of artists, Klimt, Makart, Wagner, Hundertwasser, and Schiele. Yay…. A museum… ! The thrill! We had gone to the Chateau de Baux the day before, and loved it. I was excited to see what today’s surprise brought. Turns out the exhibit was in the castle.

We walk into the castle and here loud classical music accompanied by some opera. I felt like I was walking into a dream, full of my favorite artists and the dark castle turned the paintings into the light. Lines projected on the ground turned into drawings, that turned to pictures, that turned to your favorite paintings. A tree trunk would turn into Klimt’s tree of life. Cards flying around turned into a house of cards. Walking around and looking at all the columns with paintings projected on them
was like walking into a painting. And looking down was like looking at your favorite painting right on your feet.

The exhibit is called “Les carrieres de lumieres” it is the most amazing exhibit in a roman made castle that takes to an indescribable land. If you go to Probince go to the castle, go shopping at all the little shops around it, and then go to this exhibit, les carrières des lumières! Les carrières des lumières literally blew my mind away.

Here are some pictures so you can picture the exhibit, Les carrières des lumières, better.





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