Must Have Editing Apps

Must Have Editing Apps

Have you ever tried found yourself stuck in the App Store debating over prices and reviews for a photo app?
I have, and I found out that it’s actually very simple to get great photo apps for free!

Add text to a photo with Phonto! It’s really simple, with a wide variety of fonts, colors and you can adjust the shadows or widen the words. This app is really great and it’s free!

For collage I suggest Pic Collage or Vidstitch. Pic Collage is a free app that has fun backgrounds and cute stickers. It allows you to put many photos on one collage and arrange them however you want. Vidstitch is free but it only allows you to put four photos or less (unless you are ok with paying extra). The cool feature is that you can insert photos and videos inside your collage. Definitely a must!

Always been wanting to make a photo with some cool geometric patterns or shapes? PhotoCandy is a possible solution! It’s always fun to make edits on this app (it’s free too!).

For adding color to a photo I don’t really recommend any because they work well, I personally use Color Splash but all apps are fine :)





All Photos By Jessie Moore
Article by Jessie Moore


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