“This is the Voice”

“This is the Voice”

Three seasons ago my mom, dad, and I sat on the sofa and clicked through the TV Menu. Past CNN, but not without stopping, past Keeping Up With The Kardashians , no thank you, Alaskan Hunting, not for me, and finally the Voice.

It didn’t actually go exactly like that. My dad probably heard about it from someone or more likely my mom did. Or maybe they had already heard about it. IDK.

Why don’t we go through an episode of the Voice on a general night?

Shakira was probably teaching Blake what “supercilious” meant.

Blake was also showing his three trophies from the past years. Adam was probably dying his hair blonde and mocking Blake.

Usher is sitting relaxed in his leather jacket and gold shoes tuning it all out. I can never really tell…

Meanwhile, the contestant stands smiling on the stage but probably saying in there head, “I thought this was about ME, not them!”


I understand that you probably a pro Voice watcher yet. This is all unfamiliar, but please remain engaged.

I know that there are American Idol lovers out there but there’s not other way to state it than, the Voice is better.

There is definitely humor but it’s not harsh to the performers and MOST of the time to each other. (Maybe not the time Blake gave out Adam’s personal phone number, that didn’t go well.) One of the reasons why they aren’t harsh and have no reason to be is because the contestants on the show are stunning for the most part.

The Voice starts immediately with the principal: it’s not what you look like that matters, it’s The Voice. They have red seats turned toward the performer, in the blind auditions, and if they like the performance, they turn around there chair and just hope that the contestant will pick them.


After the judges each have a team of about 15 contestants or so they have the artists have to sing against other artists on their team and sometimes get booted off by there own coach.

After those rounds then it’s America’s turn to vote for the winner!

I can’t wait for next year will Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Adam and of course Blake Shelton! :)

The Voice is the best show out there!




A Great Big World “Say Something” (featuring Christina Aguilera)

A Great Big World “Say Something” (featuring Christina Aguilera)

So now more than a month later “Say Something” has charted as the top eight on Billboard Charts.
I love this song so much and I hope you love it too…I will definitely add this to next months At The Moment Songs in December!
Question: How many of you guys have listened to this song more than twice?
My reply: I have listened to this song like 20 times!
I’ll post your replies in another post later this month…
Thanks for reading,
Miss Tweenster