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How To Decorate You’re Bedroom This Holiday Season

How To Decorate You’re Bedroom This Holiday Season

Usually I don’t decorate my bedroom that much for the holiday season, but this year I decided to change that this year and decorate my room. Partly because I know that it’s an excuse to write on my blog, and second of all I wanted to get in the mood early this year. So whether you always decorate you’re room or if it’s the first time, season up your room with these creative tips on decorating you’re bedroom for the holiday season this year. #1-Use Lights to Decorate Your Room Using lights makes your room fresh and cozy. If you like them in your room, you can keep them up permanently for interest and pop to your room. Christmas Lights #2-Stars Are Essential Fill your room with stars. They make your room “holiday-y” and exciting. Stars (this is in my room) Stars Stars #3-Display A Small Christmas Tree/Tree Somewhere in Your Room This makes your room come to life… 187 Christmas Tree These are both examples from my room! #4-Hang a Stocking Somewhere To complete the look.. Stockings in room I realize there are so many other ways to decorate you’re room so I’ve added a few extra… Handy Ways to Decorate for Christmas Bow for Christmas Hope you enjoyed, Miss Tweenster