When You Listen To Music

When You Listen To Music

The best songs are not the ones that you’re listening for, but the ones that you don’t hear coming.

If you’re listening to a pop song there are about three stages.

The first stage is not when you notice it’s playing and not when you listen to the lyrics.

The second stage is when you notice and start to like it. In just a couple plays you know most of the lyrics, the rhythms, the ups and the downs. When it plays on the radio you turn it up. When you see it’s playing, you mention that you love this song and then you start your solo.

The third stage is pretty much the death. You’ve listening to this darn song like 700 times and it sucks. I mean how many times can you listen to Radioactive before you want to smash your radio! Maybe 46 at most.

But I’m only talking about pop music that comes and goes (except the ones the radio dj’s still seem to like for like ever).


Occasionally, you’ll listen to a song but never get tired of it. You could listen to it a million times and still love it even more than the last time you heard it.

This is what I love about music. There are like 35 billion songs out there and they are all…music. Music can be so many different things. I’m not just talking about genres but about the feeling you get when you listen to it. So out all these 35 billion songs maybe 1 out of 100 really sticks with you, probably less.

You don’t get 35 million favorite songs in life so appreciate that moment when you can feel your whole body singing along to the beat.

Happy Favorite Song!



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