J Crew coat

Witchery leather shoes
$88 – witchery.com.au

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

Tech accessory

Urban Decay eyeshadow
Fashion Spotlight

Fashion Spotlight



If you haven’t already noticed I’ve been posting a lot more lately. Partly it’s because I have more time in the summer and once you start posting it gets contagious.

I have a brilliant idea called the fashion spotlight. Each week or so I will spotlight certain items in my closet!

Here’s my first:

The spotty blue coat is from the Gap, with the yellow scarf from Zara. The tan coat is from Ralph Lauren along with a scarf from France. Below the blue fade shirt is from the Gap, the bright orange one from Zara, and the seaside turquoise shirt from Zara.

On the other door is the Gap, Zara, and more Gap!

Regular Scarf into Infinity Scarf

Regular Scarf into Infinity Scarf

Regular to Infinity Scarf

Do you ever just get bored of just a regular scarf?

Click this photo to go to a great site about how to make a regular scarf into an infinity scarf…

If you try this method, reply with a photo of your success! I will post my results later too!

Hope you try this,

Miss Tweenster

If You Had $100…

If You Had $100…


I have  a really short post today… It’s a question on fashion. If you reply, I will post your response on my blog.   I might do more posts as short as this and in a question form if you like it, so let me know!

P.S: If you reply you can give an example of what you would buy (one thing or many).

If you had a hundred dollars to buy on “fashion”, would you buy only one, expensive thing, or multiple, cheap things?