The Weepies-Say I Am You
You never hear anybody mention the Weepies but seriously this music should not go unheard.
Because they are in fact wife and husband there voices flow together perfectly creating a soft acoustic sound. They both started off as solo musicians. I can’t say that they were top charts or sung around every household. Anyway, the two “solo so long” artists got a hold of each other’s CD’s and were on THEIR top charts and sung around THIER household at least.
They met, fell in love, had some children and made some great albums. Period.

The first song I ever heard from their album “Say I Am You” was Stars.
“Tangerines are hanging heavy…”

My dad played it for me and it was good. It didn’t seem “great” like “wow” great. But the story does not end there. Somehow, slowly, don’t even know how, I fell in love with these 13 amazing (including “Stars”).

You know how sometimes the first time you listen to a song or even the 10th time is never the same as the 30th, 52nd. Yes, I have probably listened to these songs that many times. On my iPod they are always on the playlist “Top 25 Most Played”. “Nobody Know Me At All”, “Painting By Chagall”, “Citywide Rodeo”, “Slow Pony Home”…

Citywide Rodeo is about thinking that “you’re not good for anything, the world makes you feel so small”.
Originally, when I listened to this song I didn’t think about it having a meaning or what it meant. To try and post the best possible blog write up I researched the meanings of all their songs on I was surprised about how well each comment captured each song.
For this particular song there were very interesting responses. To sum it up, this song is about how we constantly judge ourselves depending on what others think of us.
“You wonder how fast you’ll go when you hit the air.” Directly quoting form (pinkbullets63) “getting bucked off a bull’s back”. Basically, how much it will hurt when you are turned down by everybody.
“There’s dust in the stadium seats” meaning all the enemies that you think you have, watching you get bucked off this bull, are dusty and unoccupied. As Pinkbullet63 says you are your worst enemy, really.

I scrolled through the comments and came across Celestial Theorist’s comment:

Here’s a sum up. But first, here are the lyrics.

Citywide rodeo, you set on the stage
Where all the clowns will go when they feel their age

I know that you think you’re not good for anything
The world makes you feel so small
Get on your wooden horse
This is a ride, not a fight
No need to save face, say goodnight, Grace
“Good night, Grace.”

There’s dust on the stadium seats, there’s dust in your hair
You wonder how fast you’ll go when you hit the air

And oh, isn’t it strange how things can change you?
And oh, isn’t it plain that some things unname you
So don’t ask anybody else.

Citywide rodeo, step into your car
Look up at the indigo and pick out your star.

It’s over the course of a life time, says this commenter.

The first verse you are a child, you fell small compared to the stage.
You start to grow up and you are now on the stage, everybody is judging, but in reality, literal or metaphorical, there is dust in the stadium seats. Nobody, just you. You wonder how fast you’ll go when you hit the air. Instead of being the great person you wanted to be you are labeled with that want. Of course, this all relates to being up on stage.
You are growing old now and you get in your car and you pick out your star. Death.

Please listen to these songs! And don’t forget to think about what they mean as you listen because sometimes there can be meanings hidden under the lyrics!



Please listen to Citywide Rodeo, Slow Pony Home, Nobody Knows Me At All, Painting by Chagall, and Stars.

Citywide Rodeo:


Slow Pony Home:

Nobody Knows Me At All:

Painting By Chagall:


2 thoughts on “FindingTheMeaningInASong

    1. That was totally my goal! Listen to Nobody Knows Me At All and Citywide Rodeo and Stars! I think that you would love those ones! Then, you’ll get a feeling for them and can listen to all there songs. I would recommend THIS album. I don’t know the other songs THAT much.

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