The Olympics

The Olympics


The Olympics

There is a certain thrill as you watch the Olympics. The world is no longer about who is friends with who or enemies with who, but about the motivation and determination that enters our minds every day. For some that is winning a volleyball at school. For some it’s about beating as time. For some it’s about earning a gold metal. But’s it’s more than a promise of ice cream with friends if you win, more than a mention of your name in the local newspaper, it’s about perseverance, hope, and determination to win something bigger than yourself.

At least that’s what I think.

We forget everything in the world except for one moment, that moment. Whether you are a spectator, a coach, an athlete, you are in that moment.

As I watch them, I see the many years, many decades, many lives that have worked so hard to get to that moment, and yet, just one false move washes all of it away, gone forever. I see the few athletes in the world that were just one second away from being in the games. I see all the athletes in the world who try there best every day to succeed…

Can the world learn from the Olympic Games?


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