Why I Love Pinterest

Why I Love Pinterest

Pinterest is a great site that allows people to pin images to a pinboard… I love it.

I love it because I can search up tons of things-women’s fashion, organization, home decor, room ideas, children’s fashion, desserts, Paris… anything and get the most beautiful, crafty, inspirational photos:

To get this I searched: Lightbulb vases

Isn’t this crafty?

Pinterest-Home decor

I searched up: Paris

You can find great photos that are inspirational and if you print them out can decorate your room with.

Pinterest Collection #2

I searched up: Little Girl Fashion

Visit : http://peoniesandpancakes.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/mini-me/

Isn’t this so pretty?

Pinterest Collection #3

As you can see it’s a very neat site that has a great variety of photos… Here’s a few others that I searched up women’s fashion or little girl fashion to find:

So yes, I’m not five, but still this is a really cute outfit!

Pinterest Collection #4

I used shapecollage.com to put together photos from Pinterest…

Collaging Pinterest


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