The Magic of Macy’s

The Magic of Macy’s

Saturday Shopping #2

The Magic of Macy’s I purchased this scarf in Aix-en-Provence, France the last day I was there. I got it because I am crazy about scarfs, I especially love this one because it is a loop, my favorite! I bought some other very cute things as well that I may blog about later.

Anyway, you may be wondering why this post is named ‘The Magic of Macy’s’ (the motto of Macy’s) if I didn’t purchase it at Macy’s. Well, the other day I was shopping with my mom at Macy’s and we left a huge pile of clothes in the dressing room. Of course we looked through the big pile to make sure we had not forgotten anything that was ours. We did not notice my favorite scarf among the pile.

Right before pulling into my driveway I realized I was not wearing it.

There was that one moment in which you are not sure whether you should look if you have it in your bag or wherever or just pretend you are sure it is in the bag.

My scarf was not in the Macy’s bag.

I asked my mom.

She did not have it.

I panicked.

I was very upset after concluding that I was probably never going to see this beautiful scarf again, but I was wrong.

We called Macy’s and after a short while of describing the scarf: cream base color, it is a loop, purple and neon green flowers… Macy’s said that they had it.

I was so grateful, and even more so when I finally had it in my hands at Macy’s.

I hope I don’t lose it again!

Thank you Macy’s!


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