An Inspirational Artist

An Inspirational Artist

I have always been interested in singing, I don’t think that that will be what I will grow up to do, but anyhow I’m interested in it.

Maybe it’s the poetry in her lyrics, maybe it’s her voice, I don’t know, but one person who inspired me is Adele. She has such a clear voice, that can give off so many different emotions and feelings. I really do admire her! Adele first picked up the microphone at age 14, but her voice seems as if it has been singing for much longer. It seems like every song from ‘Hometown Glory’ to ‘Don’t You Remember’ has inspired me more and more.

So anyway, when I first heard her, I knew there was something more to music and I wanted to be a part of it. It’s really that simple.
Thank you Adele!


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