Hope Was Here- Joan Bauer

Sixteen year old Hope Yancey has a big voice, strong heart, and most of all, a lot of hope. When she moves yet again, to small diary town in Wisconsin named Mulhoney, she immediately finds that anything can be changed with a little hope, strength and teamwork.

Hope is a waitress, and her aunt is a cook at the ‘Welcome Stairway’ diner. When G. T. Stoop, the owner of the diner, runs for mayor against a corrupt but powerful man named Eli Millstone, Hope helps him to find his dream. G. T. Stoop hasn’t lost determination and neither has Hope even when they get the results after many months of campaigning…

Hope knows what its like to not be loved, her mother who didn’t have the mother skills to keep her, abandoned Hope and left her to her aunt. Hope doesn’t even know who her real father is. Somehow, happiness finds it’s way into Hope’s life and she has finally found a place where she is loved and a place that feels like home to her.

Even if life isn’t perfect, we can all get through it.

‘Hope Was Here’ is an original, creative, meaningful novel. Hope Yancey’s life is so realistic that it is hard to believe that it is a fiction story. It is like watching a movie that the actors are acting so well that it doesn’t seem like they’re even acting anymore. Joan Bauer wrote this story, so that you could reflect it into your own life. So that you could reflect hope into your life…

Personally, I though that at times the book had a little slow of a plot, but I don’t dislike it because of that, because it is not an adventure or action story, but rather a story about life and people.

People that want to cry and laugh at the same time, people that want a story about ambition and hope, a story about people that are out there in the world and maybe just like them should read ”Hope Was Here”.

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